Friday, November 9, 2007

Earth Haven Mission Statement

Earth Haven
Foundation for Kids

Mission Statement

The specific purpose of the Earth Haven Foundation for Kids is to provide a safe home and a secure environment for children, who for whatever reason, have been separated from their biological parents. The children who are primarily targeted under this foundation are typically those who have been exposed to drug and/or alcohol abuse, before and after birth, and also may have suffered physical and emotional abuse, including issues of abandonment and neglect.

This Foundation was designed to compensate for these deficits and challenges by providing an ideal atmosphere where there is an abundance of quality in all aspects of a healthy, nurturing, and loving childhood.

The process of converting disadvantage into advantage, begins with an unlimited supply of unconditional love where the children come to understand that they are part of a new family that loves them unconditionally and will not abandon them, but where they can learn to abandon their own insecurities.

From there, The Earth Haven Foundation for Kids is dedicated to providing these children with the best possible aspects of all of their needs plus an exposure to qualities of life that goes beyond their basic needs, and will hopefully inspire them toward greatness.

The scope of what this Foundation endeavors to supply these children includes, but is not limited to the following categories:


1. HOUSING in a family situation where the house feels like a home and each child has their own bedroom space that is personalized to their needs and personal style. Whenever possible, the housing will be custom built with environmentally friendly aspects, and will be located on enough land to accommodate gardens, orchards, and pets, and other farm animals.


2. FOOD served in a family meal setting, but with a focus on super-nutrition aimed at: food as a medicine used to counteract earlier damage from alcohol and/or drug abuse, supplementation of all nutritional deficiencies, maintaining optimal body weight, and promoting a state of maximum health with normal growth.


3. EDUCATION with standards far exceeding anything currently available in public school settings. Typically these children are classified as “Special Needs” such as: attention deficit, hyperactivity, dyslectic, or physical disabilities, and therefore need specialized instruction, with plenty of one on one attention.


4. REAL WORLD EXPERIENCES that expose the children to a wide range of special interest that can inspire them to take up life-long hobbies or occupations that include but are not limited to activities such as: arts, crafts, dancing, musical instruments, voice lessons, culinary skills, camping, canoeing, skiing, gardening, animal husbandry, masonry, landscaping, computer technology, auto mechanics, wood working, metallurgy, scuba diving, marine biology, oceanography, acting, writing, and public speaking.


5. The philosophy that underlies The Earth Haven Foundation for Kids, is to take in babies or young children who begin life with a deficit, and compensate that disadvantage by supplying all of their needs, and then going beyond needs, to expose them to an abundance of positive life experiences and a quality of life that will inspire them to create their own personal form of greatness.

Contact Info
Larry D. Halstead
(760) 443-7849


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Tracy Solomon said...

What a wonderful Foundation for children who deserve all the love in the world.